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CANTCU Configurator

CANTCU Configurator is a configuration utility for easy configuration of CANTCU. It is designed to work on PC's running Windows 10 and later.


  • Basic configuration of the CANTCU controller
  • Built-in Firmware Updater
  • Realtime display of all values
  • Datalogger
  • Datalog Viewer
  • Fault Code Read/Reset
  • Information/Adaptation Read/Reset
  • ZGW Emulator for flashing/coding BMW control units using BMW Software

System Requirements

  • Windows 10/11

Download Latest

Old Releases

Old releases are available for temporary use in case of bugs etc. It's recommended to always use the latest available version.

CANTCU Configurator v1.0.134



Released on 09.06.2024

New Functions

  • ECU: Transtron protocol added
  • ECU: Motec - Custom CAN added
  • ECU: Baldur DID1 added
  • ECU: VEMS V3 AIM added
  • ECU: Motec M800 added
  • ECU: ProEFI added
  • ECU: Patrol Y62 added
  • ECU: Emtron - Added some new values to be sent to Emtron (Delayed Gear & Pressures)
  • ECU: Shiftlight control for E9x M3 clusters (BETA)
  • ECU: Haltech - Changed DPI3/DPI4 slip percentages from -100-100 to 0-100% to remove some confusion
  • ECU: E6/7/8/9x cars with a Sport-button automatically detected and used to control transmission modes
  • Transmission: Idle Target RPM added for all transmissions
  • Transmission: Autopark functionality on 8HP transmissions
  • Shifter: DCT Shifter DL-buttons to control 8HP car drive modes
  • Shifter: Added some shifters for CAN2 usage
  • Shifter: F90M5 Shifter + DL-button up/dn added
  • Shifter: Added “Drive” and “Shifter Mode” as separate assignable buttons for CANTCU Keypad
  • General: CANTCU Flasher added
  • General: Added new variables for DOUTs
  • General: Added PWM control on DOUTs (HW1.7+)
  • General: Added user adjustability to AIN Paddle Config
  • General: Added user adjustability to AIN-to-DIN Config
  • General: Raised limits for TQ Factor calculation
  • General: Logviewer information box
  • General: Increased TQ Correction to -50/+100%
  • General: Added “online” indicators for Trans/ECU/Shifter/ATC in the GUI
  • General: ATC300 Transfer Case added
  • General: Tooltips on Configuration-page
  • General: “Logging Rate” Realtime value
  • General: CAN Load % values added to CAN Outputs
  • General: Added Shifter P/R/D to AINtoDIN Config


  • ECU: MS43 max speed read from car CAN increased to 510km/h from 255km/h
  • ECU: MSS54 added CAN Input/Output functions
  • ECU: E9x not reacting to external DIN/CAN brakeswitch fixed
  • ECU: E9x, Launch Control Logic added for E9x+DCT combination
  • ECU: Haltech CLT/oiltemp was showing approximately 20C wrong, fixed
  • ECU: E6789x, improved CAN-comms depending on Ignition On status
  • ECU: MS43, Fixed a bug where cluster+gong malfunctioned continously
  • ECU: E6789x - fixed a bug where wheelspeeds would peak at 2184.50km/h on ignition cycle, causing a fault code in 8HP-transmissions
  • Transmission: DCT, Fixed some max-rev issues on high-revving cars that caused autoupshifts
  • Transmission: Fixed 8HP G-series adaptations not saving
  • Transmission: 8HP G-series - Fixed a bug where Delta TQ and Delta RPM wasn't calculated
  • Shifter: DCT-shifters on 8HP-transmissions go to P when held to right
  • Shifter: G-series shifters fixed for the MS43 protocol
  • Shifter: E-DCT(335) Shifter OEM Sport-button was not working due to DTC-button overriding, fixed
  • Shifter: CAN Keypad CAN1 was not sending out 8HP shifter emulation, fixed
  • Shifter: CANTCU Keypad - additional logic to improve gear selection
  • Shifter: CANTCU Keypad for 8HP G-Series communication fixed
  • Shifter: Added the possibility to go from P to N, it was missing on multiple shifters/transmissions
  • General: Internal firmware changes to reduce EEPROM writes
  • General: Various GUI bugfixes
  • General: Non-used values hidden from realtime values
  • General: E9x M3 DL bar display functionality improved
  • General: CAN Inputs improved
  • General: CAN Keypad integration for F-DCT fixed
  • General: CAN Outputs transmission vs car drivemode were mixed up, fixed
  • General: Fixed a bug where a too high torque factor input crashed the PC software
  • General: Fixed Diagnostics→Information Read on all transmissions
  • General: Improved internal CAN-filtering
  • General: AINtoDIN Configuration crashed if input value was higher then 5000mV, fixed
  • General: Changed CAN Masks to not be active if the Mask configuration value is 0x00.


Released on 25.12.2023

New Functions

  • ECU: AEM Infinity protocol added
  • ECU: MaxxECU v1.1 protocol added
  • ECU: SCS Delta protocol added
  • ECU: Updated Link G4+/x protocol
  • ECU: E6789x cars launch control indication on cluster/HUD/navi when launch active
  • ECU: Added E6x pre-LCI clusters support (using “normal” cluster protocol caused an error going to S)
  • Transmission: F-DCT Pressure realtime-values (line/clutch pressures)
  • Shifter: Added E65 Column Shifter
  • Shifter: Added Fxx shifter on CAN3
  • Shifter: Added E-DCT shifter on CAN1
  • Shifter: Added F-DCT shifter on CAN1
  • Shifter: Added E46 SMG shifter
  • Shifter: E-DCT M3 shifter DL-button scrolls through Car DriveModes when using on 8HP
  • General: Updated CAN Datastream descriptions and PDF in wiki
  • General: Added Gearbox Limpmode realtime value
  • General: New LogViewer
  • General: Added support for uint8/16 values with thresholds as triggers for CAN Inputs


  • ECU: E39/46 Cluster gear indication fixed
  • ECU: Limited incoming WheelSpeed from CAN to 0km/h minimum because some ECUs send negative speeds
  • ECU: Disabled positive torque intervention requests on upshift on most ECUs
  • ECU: MS43 cluster throwing MIL light fixed
  • ECU: Syvecs S6+ CAN-values fixed
  • ECU: Fixed random non-reactive shifter after restart on E6/9x cars
  • Transmission: Fixed “Shift Time” not being correctly calculated on 2ndgen-8HPs
  • Transmission: Added more TQ-intervention requests for G-series transmissions
  • Shifter: E-DCT shifter lighting when using with 8HP
  • Shifter: Fixed a bug on “Universal” shifter where it wasn't properly working on 8HP-integrations
  • Shifter: Fixed a bug where CANTCU keypad was not working on E9x protocol
  • Shifter: Improved Sequential shifter logic
  • Shifter: Fixed trans error message on E6/9x cars when going from D directly to P
  • General: Changed digital output (DOUT) blip function to trigger blips only while downshifting
  • General: On 8HP, with only drivemode up button defined, scrolling through modes works correctly now
  • General: Unnecessary values hidden when using WheelSpeed simulation
  • General: CAN Output “TCU DL Mode” added, was missing
  • General: Corrected AIN voltage readings on HW v1.6
  • General: General optimization/cleanup in program code


Released on 14.08.2023

Due to changes in wheelspeed calculations, a relearn of the differential ratio needs to be done on all transmissions after updating.

New Functions

  • Transmission: Added support for G-series 8HP 2nd gen transmissions
  • Transmission: Added support for F-Series 8HP75 gasoline (“M”) transmission software
  • ECU: Syvecs S7+ protocol added
  • ECU: Syvecs S6+ protocol added (BETA)
  • ECU: Link G4x protocol added
  • ECU: Added Engine Oil Temperature on all MS43 protocols
  • ECU: Added WheelSpeed to MS43 protocol
  • ECU: Added DynoMode for MS43 protocol
  • ECU: enabled CAN Inputs/Outputs on MS43 protocol
  • ECU: Added more precise wheelspeed for Haltech (0.1precision)
  • ECU: Haltech - Added “IOBox A” emulation with additional values
  • Dash: ECUMaster Digital Gear Indicator with possibility to show drivemode through shiftlights
  • Dash: Added E7x Motorsport display with gears 1-8
  • Dash: Added a selection to be able to use CAN1 or CAN2 for dash
  • Shifter: Added F-series shifter support for G-series transmissions
  • Shifter: E46 M3 SMG Shifter supported (using our adapter)
  • GUI: Sequential shifter ported to “ShifterStatus” realtime value
  • General: “Car Drivemode” in 8HP cycles round to zero if no downwards button defined
  • General: Added “Paddle Up/Down” on CAN Keypad
  • General: Added Rotary Switch (max 5 positions) to control drive modes on 8HP


  • E-DCT: Fixed some bugs
  • Shifter: Fixed Fxx Shifter LEDs when used on CAN3
  • Shifter: Fixed a bug on F-series 8HP shifters when used on CAN3 (not staying in sport-mode)
  • Shifter: Fixed a bug on CANTCU Keypad + F-8HP trans, P-to-N and D-to-P
  • All Standalone ECUs: Improved Torque calculations
  • GUI: Fixed a bug where Record/Stop button was hidden after USB disconnect
  • EMU Black: removed blip requests if blip target Nm was negative
  • MSS54: Improved cuts and torque control
  • CAN Keypad: Fixed drivemode buttons not working
  • Haltech: Changed speed to be taken from VSS Speed instead of individual wheelspeeds
  • Fueltech: fixed a bug where CANTCU read IAT instead of CLT
  • F-DCT: RPM limiter limits fixed
  • Standalone ECUs: Added safety for blip and intervention request disabling if trans comms times out
  • GUI: Improved logging (logs saved automatically at program exit, log header includes unit information)
  • MaxxECU: Fixed Transmission Oil Temperature showing 8c off
  • Haltech: Fixed reverse gear not showing
  • GUI: Disabled changing of tire size when simulating wheelspeed
  • Haltech: Improved CAN-communication compatibility with multiple Haltech-devices on the CAN

Known Bugs

  • Information reading function works intermittently
  • Some Realtime Value labels are missing on DCT transmissions