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Datalogging is done on a PC running CANTCU Configurator. All realtime-values are logged into a .csv-formatted file for later inspection. The .csv-file can be imported into various programs (Excel, MegalogviewerHD etc) or directly viewed using the built-in Datalog Viewer.

Starting a datalog

  1. Press the Record-button in the lower right side of the program window. If no button is visible, check your USB connection to the CANTCU Controller.
  2. Select a folder and a suitable filename, (default filename includes date/time of the start of log)
  3. Press Save-button to start logging.

 Steps for starting a datalog

During a datalog

While datalogging is active, a button labeled Marker will appear next to the Realtime and Record -buttons. Using the Marker-button it is possible to mark certain points in time in the log, making it easier to find them afterwards when viewing the log.

Datalogging buttons

Stopping a datalog

Datalogging can be simply stopped by pressing the Stop-button. The log will then be saved to the folder defined when starting the log. After saving, it is possible to open the datalog for closer examination using the Datalog Viewer.