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General Configuration

Transmission Protocol

Defines the transmission you have connected to CANTCU. For a full list of supported transmissions, please check the Supported Transmissions page.

Auto-Park (8HP)

Activating the “Auto-Park” Checkbox puts the transmission in Park automatically on shutdown. Without Auto-Park enabled, the transmission will stay in Neutral when shutting down the car, and go to Park only after power to the transmission has been fully cut (Time-Delay Relay etc).

Car Protocol

Defines what protocol/integration to use on CAN3 to communicate with the car or ECU. Check out the Supported Cars/ECUs section for more information.

LIN/Serial Protocol

A selection of different LIN- and Serial-based addons can be selected.

Instrument Cluster

Defines which instrument cluster is to be used (if applicable).


Default Drive Mode (8HP)

  • ECO Pro
  • Comfort
  • Sport
  • Sport+

Affects shift firmness and shiftpoints.

Use Shifter

When enabled, Default Drive Mode will be used when in D. Sport+ will be activated in S/M modes automatically.

Wheel Size

Wheel Circumference measured in mm. Used together with the Car Diff Ratio and Speed Correction value (if needed) to correct the speed seen by the transmission. Wheel size can be easily calculated with the built-in function by hitting the Calculate-button and entering wheel dimensions.

Wheel Size Calculation Window

Car Diff Ratio

See above.

Speed Correction

See above. Default value 100% for no correction.

Simulate Wheelspeed

If no speed sensors are present, the wheelspeed can be simulated instead.
This function is limited to the 8HP and cannot be activated when using DCT-transmissions.

Dyno Mode

A function to use when running a RWD car on a dyno. When activated, front wheel speeds are simulated from rear wheel speed values to keep the transmission happy.