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CANTCU Transmission Controller

CANTCU is a CAN-based gateway controller that enables support and communication between BMW F-series transmissions and basically any modern car ECU/electronics.

We believe that the huge amount of work that experienced OEM design engineer teams put into developing drivetrain solutions simply cannot be surpassed by aftermarket control units. That's why CANTCU takes advantage of the OEM TCU (Transmission Control Unit) to achieve a precise and smooth control of the transmission. Using the OEM TCU also retains all the OEM safety functions, this improves the transmission lifespan in high performance applications and greatly reduces the risk of failures due to user error or development bugs.

CANTCU supports 1st and 2nd generation F-Series & G-Series BMW 8HP and all BMW DCT transmissions. Full car/ECU integration is available for many OEM ECUs, and standalone ECUs like MaxxECU, Emtron etc. We are also constantly developing further integrations, so if your current ECU isn't listed, send us a message/email to discuss if we can make it work for you.