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Analog Inputs

Analog Input 0-5V

Reads and shows the voltage of a connected 0-5V sensor.

Shift Paddles

Shift paddles that use different resistance/voltage values for determining states can be connected through analog inputs. Calibration of correct voltage values are done in a step-by-step calibration wizard.


Allows the use of a digital signal on the analog input. Trigger voltage and trigger logic (low/high) selectable.

Rotary Switch

Can be used to select between 8HP drive modes etc. Up to 5 positions configurable.

Digital Inputs

Digital inputs can be used to read switches connected to GND. The trigger logic can be adjusted (Active Grounded or Active Open) depending on which way the button logic works (NC/NO). For some input types/functions it is also possible to choose Momentary or Latching function depending on which type of button is used.

Name Transmission Description
Brake Switch All Brake pedal being pressed or not
Paddle Up All Driver upshift request
Paddle Down All Driver downshift request
Shifter Gear Up All Sequential shifter upshift request
Shifter Gear Down All Sequential shifter downshift request
Shifter Mode All Shifter mode (Auto/Manual)
Park Button All Activate Park lock
Drive Mode Up 8HP Change drive mode one step towards sportier
Drive Mode Down 8HP Change drive mode one step towards comfortable
Drive Mode ECO Pro 8HP Activate ECO Pro drive mode
Drive Mode Comfort 8HP Activate Comfort drive mode
Drive Mode Sport 8HP Activate Sport drive mode
Drive Mode Sport+ 8HP Activate Sport+ drive mode
DriveLogic Mode Button F-DCT Change drivelogic mode one step up
DriveLogic Mode Up E-DCT Change drivelogic mode one step up
DriveLogic Mode Down E-DCT Change drivelogic mode one step down
Launch Control DCT Activate Launch Control
Drag Shift Mode All Activate Drag Shift Mode
E36 Shifter (pin 7) All E36 shifter
E36 Shifter (pin 8) All E36 shifter
Shifter P All Button shifter P request
Shifter R All Button shifter R request
Shifter N All Button shifter N request
Shifter D All Button shifter D request
External Output All Does nothing (→ CAN Output)
Clutch Kick DCT Not Supported
AWD - Force RWD ATC Forces AWD Request to 0%