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Digital outputs are grounding type, meant for signaling purposes or controlling small relays (max. current 500mA).

Enabled (always on)

Always on. For testing purposes etc.

WUP Output (HW <1.5)

Activates when ignition is turned on. Can be used to control a relay supplying power to auxiliary units.

Reverse Gear Active

Activates when transmission is in reverse gear. Used to control reversing lights etc. via a relay.

Variable Controlled

With this setting one or more variable controlled conditions can be used to activate the output.

  • Logic Available: Condition 1, Condition 1 OR 2, Condition 1 AND 2
  • Operators available: = != > <
  • Trigger variables: Most of the realtime-variables can be used

 Example of a variable controlled output

Cut Active

Activates when a Cut is requested from the transmission.

Blip Active

Activates when a Blip is requested from the transmission.

DCT Park Lock

Output logic for controlling the DCT park lock solenoid. Outputs a pulse for the solenoid whenever Park is requested.