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Controller Supply

Pins A1 and A8 are main supply and ground for the controller, a fused (10A) supply is recommended.

Pin C2 is a +5V Output for supplying power to sensors etc. Pin C7 is sensor ground. Pin C4 is a output for supplying a wakeup signal for transmissions.

USB Communication

The USB-port is of type USB-B and located on the top/lid of CANTCU, protected by a sealed dustcap. The USB-port is used for communication between CANTCU Configurator PC software and the CANTCU controller. CANTCU can't be powered from the USB-port.

CAN Communication

There are three CAN-buses. CAN1 and CAN2 are used for communication with transmission, CAN3 is used for car/ECU integration. CAN1 and CAN2 have 120ohm terminating resistors onboard. Wiring of the CAN-buses should be done with a twisted pair cable.

There's also a LIN-bus transceiver connected on pin C3.

Analog Inputs

Pins B2 - B5 are analog inputs (0-5V). They can be used to connect sensors, resistor-based shift paddles etc. For sensor supply, use pin C2 (+5V Out). For sensor ground, use pin C7 (Sensor GND).

Digital Inputs

Pins B6,B7,C5,C6 are grounding digital inputs. They can be used to connect switches, grounding shift paddles etc. Do not connect to anything else than ground!

Digital Outputs

Pins B1,B8,C1,C8 are grounding digital outputs. They can be used to control small loads like relays, or simply sending signals to an ECU digital input. Maximum load per output is 0.5A.