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Realtime Values

Name Unit Description Source
Supply Voltage Volt Supply Voltage at VIN Internal
Engine RPM RPM Engine RPM Car
TPS Value % Throttle value in percent Car
Engine Torque Nm Actual Engine Torque Car
Brake Switch 0/1 Brake Switch Input State Car/DIN
Wheel Speed km/h Average Wheel Speed Car
Wheel Speed HL km/h Wheel Speed Rear Left Car
Wheel Speed HR km/h Wheel Speed Rear Right Car
Wheel Speed VL km/h Wheel Speed Front Left Car
Wheel Speed VR km/h Wheel Speed Front Right Car
Paddle Up 0/1 Paddle Up + State Car/DIN
Paddle Down 0/1 Paddle Down - State Car/DIN
AIN1 V Analog Input 1 Voltage Internal
AIN2 V Analog Input 2 Voltage Internal
AIN3 V Analog Input 3 Voltage Internal
AIN4 V Analog Input 4 Voltage Internal
DIN1 0/1 Digital Input 1 State Internal
DIN2 0/1 Digital Input 2 State Internal
DIN3 0/1 Digital Input 3 State Internal
DIN4 0/1 Digital Input 4 State Internal
DOUT1 0/1 Digital Output 1 State Internal
DOUT2 0/1 Digital Output 2 State Internal
DOUT3 0/1 Digital Output 3 State Internal
DOUT4 0/1 Digital Output 4 State Internal
CAN1 Load % Load on CAN-bus Internal
CAN2 Load % Load on CAN-bus Internal
CAN3 Load % Load on CAN-bus Internal
Engine MAP kPa Engine MAP Car
Shifter Status Shifter position Transmission
Shift In Progress 0/1 Transmission
Shift Requested 0/1/2 Indication of no/down/upshift Transmission
TCU Gear Current Gear Transmission
TCU Oil Temp °C Transmission Oil Temperature Transmission
TCU DL Mode Drivelogic/Selector Mode Transmission
DS Calc RPM RPM Calculated Driveshaft RPM Internal
TCU Input RPM RPM Transmission Input RPM Transmission
TCU Output RPM RPM Transmission Output RPM Transmission
TCU Gear Ratio Transmission Gear Ratio Transmission
TCU Intervention 0/1/2 Intervention Request Transmission
Target Torque Nm Desired Torque Transmission
Shift Time ms Last Shift Time in ms Transmission
TCU Drive Mode Transmission
Shiftcut % Percentage of cut request Transmission
Throttle Blip % Percentage of blip request Transmission
TC Status Status of Torque Converter Transmission
Clutch Slip % Clutch Slip percentage Transmission
Converter Slip % Torque Converter Slip percentage Transmission
LC Enabled 0/1 Launch Control Enabled State Car/DIN
LC Active 0/1 Launch Control Active State Transmission