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ZGW Emulator

It is possible to use CANTCU as a ZGW Emulator in co-operation with programs such as BMW E-Sys. This allows for control units (transmissions) to be flashed/coded through the BMW E-Sys program without needing extra hardware or any other modules. Communication between E-Sys and the transmission is physically routed from the PC via USB to the CANTCU controller, from where it is passed on to the transmission via CAN-bus. No extra drivers or cables are required, as CANTCU takes care of the hardware part.

Prerequisites for flashing/coding using the ZGW Emulator

  • BMW E-Sys
  • Suitable PSdZData
  • Nothing else than transmission connected on CAN-bus (=shifter disconnected)

ZGW Emulator

NOTE: Since E-Sys is a powerful tool and has the potential to make irreversible changes bricking modules, the ZGW Emulator function is password protected and can only be used in conjunction with a remote support session to verify everything is done correctly.