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ECUMaster Digital Gear Indicator

Initial support in v1.0.133


  • Displays gears R-N-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 (P not shown)
  • Shiftlights (Adjustable RPM)
  • Shiftlights as Drive Mode indicators


CANTCU CAN1/2/3, selectable CAN speed


General configuration is done through ECUMaster Light Client. CAN addressing for both Gear and Shiftlights can be changed in CANTCU Configurator if needed.

Default Settings

  • CAN Speed 1MBps
  • RPM CAN ID 0x600
  • Gear CAN ID 0x604

Drive Mode Shiftlights

This indicator has three shiftlight LEDs which can be adjusted to turn on at certain RPM through the ECUMaster Light Client software. In CANTCU, it's possible to enable use of the shiftlights to show current transmission Drive Mode instead by checking the checkbox Shiftlight Modes.

The table below shows how to configure the RPMs in ECUMaster Light Client software for all the supported transmissions.

Shiftlight Configuration
8HP F-DCT E-DCT Number of LEDs Activation RPM
ECO Pro DL 0 DL 0 0 4000
Comfort DL 1 DL 1 1 5000
Sport DL 2 DL 3 2 6000
Sport+ DL 3 DL 5 3 7000