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BMW E39/46/53 MS43/EDC15/EDC16

Initial support in v1.0.121

CANTCU Integration Guide for MS43 at


  • 100% OEM torque-based control resulting in real OEM drivability
  • No tuning needed
  • Gear indicator in instrument cluster up to 6th gear (including D/S/M-modes)


CANTCU CAN3 is connected to PTCAN on the car side. PTCAN-wires can be found in multiple locations.

Coding / Programming Requirements

  • Car needs to be fully coded as an automatic (S205A in VO/FA) and the DME/DDE programmed using automatic transmission software to support torque interventions
  • Immobilizer (EWS) needs to be coded to permit starter operation: PARK/NEUTRAL_EINGANG to nicht_aktiv


  • Stock cluster only shows up to 6th gear.
  • Blips will need custom software in the DME/DDE. This is possible for MS43 and EDC15.

Protocol-specific settings

Torque Correction

In some cases, without proper engine tuning, the torque value sent by the ECU/DME can be too low, resulting in spongy/slow shifts. The torque correction factor can be used to adjust this torque value if needed (percentage correction). The torque correction factor is just a band-aid meant to be used as last resort. The right way is to have the engine report correct torque even when tuned.