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Datalog Viewer

The datalog viewer is used to view datalogs recorded with CANTCU. The datalog always contains all realtime-values available at the time of recording.

Opening a datalog

  1. Select LoggingOpen Datalog…
  2. Select desired datalogfile in the dialog
  3. Click on Open

Steps for opening a datalog into the viewer

Using the Datalog Viewer

When opening a datalog, by default all variables are selected. Selection of realtime-values to be viewed is done by using the buttons Select All and Deselect All and selecting variables manually from the variable-list.


  • Left Mouse Button - Show values of closest datapoints
  • Right Mouse Button - Move around in log
  • Mouse Scroll - Zoom in/out
  • Mouse Center/Scroll button - Select area to zoom
  • Keyboard key A - Show full log (zoom to extents)

User Interface