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AEM Infinity

Initial support in v1.0.133

Support for the 5-Series (506/508)



  • Cuts and Blips through Digital I/O between CANTCU and the ECU


CANTCU CAN3 is connected to AEM CAN.

Torque Factor (CANTCU)

To achieve a somewhat realistic torque estimation, the VE (fuel) table needs to be tuned and AEM Infinity correctly configured to show real-world VE values. For this torque estimation we use a Torque Factor. The torque factor is generated from engine running values taken from a single point of running (usually maximum measured torque on a dyno run). The values needed for calculation are listed below.

  • Maximum Engine Torque (Nm)
  • Manifold Absolute Pressure, MAP (kPa)
  • Volumetric Efficiency, VE, Fuel Table (%)

Entering these values in the calculation window will generate a torque factor, which will be used as a baseline for torque calculations in the CANTCU.

Example of a calculated torque factor