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Transmission Information

The integrated diagnostic tester built into CANTCU can read certain values like software version and adaptations from the transmission.


This section shows the type of transmission identified, VIN number, and status of immobilizer (if applicable). Software versions (SVK) are also listed.


On 8HP, the differential ratio is automatically identified by the transmission while driving. If the differential ratio is wrong, you need to make sure wheelspeed is properly calibrated and reset/relearn the differential ratio by using the Reset Diff Ratio Button. DCT-transmissions do not have this function.

Adaptations (8HP only)

Basic adaptations can be monitored from this section. Keep in mind that the OEM TCM has a ton of different adaptation values and processes going on every time you drive it, so the values shown, are only the tip of the iceberg, but what's usually displayed to give some hint of transmission condition and behavior. Adaptations can be reset using the Reset Adaptations button. We only recommend doing this if you have swapped mechatronics/TCM from another transmission or are experiencing weird shift behavior. Normally no reset is needed, as the adaptations build up with time (several years) of driving.

NOTE! Having another tester present on CAN1 (KDCAN cable etc) will interfere with CANTCU tester functions and can result in weird results when trying to use read/reset-functions.